When will you see the value in trees?

In the green?

When every last one is cut down

Will you miss them then?

Or when every bee is gone

When we can’t eat

Will you miss them then?

When we are all dying will we finally see

When we kill others we harm ourselves

Sunday afternoon

Sitting outside

English Breakfast tea

The sound of lawn mowers fills the air

Glad that’s not how I spend my weekend

My yard is filled with dandelions gone to seed, the seeds which will grow into new dandelions next year

The sun is shining on me

What else do I need

I have tea, I’m outside, and I have WordPress 😉

Love To Read


How I love you so

Taking in all the words

Page by page

I need more

Need to know more

One page at a time

Is so meditative

I want to never stop

I want to read so many things

But there are so few hours in the day to do so

May 19th 2017, evening 

Here right now


Breathing in and breathing out

Feels so nice doesn’t it

Looking at the flowers

So many have bloomed

It really is May now

Grateful for all the trees

Grateful I don’t kill my yard with pesticides

I can see all the things that want to grow

And I am thankful for them 


“I know I’m good” she said “that’s why you need to leave right now.”

I never understood

Three years old


When will they find us

Will it be tomorrow, three days, a week

“Don’t worry I will keep you safe” she said

And she kept her word